New Baber Lab Publication Alert!

Congrats to all 8 undergraduates on their hard work to get this paper published! Special shout out to Eric on his first 1st author paper!

End of REU 2022!

Ava Galgano, Charles Grant, Jona Carmany, Erin Schell, Haley Frankovich, and John Yoo at the end of REU 2022!

Ethanol adsorption on defect Ag(111) sites is published in JVSTA as a featured article

Read more about the adsorption of ethanol on Ag(111) defect sites here: Effect of undercoordinated Ag(111) defect sites on the adsorption of ethanol
This research was a collaborative effort between Dr. Baber’s lab in chemistry and Dr. Weaver’s group in physics at JMU. All of the research was conducted by undergraduates!