Group Photos

Summer 2023: (left to right) Joey Loisilet, John Yoo, Haley Frankovich, Erin Schell, Dr. Ashleigh Baber
Spring 2023 Group Photo: (left to right) Dr. Ashleigh Baber, John Yoo, Will Hemmingson, Joey Loisilet, Erin Schell, Ava Galgano
Summer 2022 Group Photo: (left to right) Ava Galgano, Erin Schell, Haley Frankovich, John Yoo, Jona Carmany
Spring 2022 Group Photo: (left to right) Will Hemmingson, Haley Frankovich, Erin Schell, John Yoo, Dr. Ashleigh Baber, Jessie Berry, Clayton Rogers, Lyssa Garber
Summer 2021 Group Photo: (left to right) Ava Galgano, Lyssa Garber, Clayton Rogers, Jordon Baker, Dr. Ashleigh Baber
Fall 2021 Group Photo: (left to right) Charles Grant, Lyssa Garber, Jacob St. Martin (graduate student from Dr. Petra Reinke’s lab at UVA), Ava Galgano, Clayton Rogers, Jessie Berry
Ava, Lyssa, Clayton, Jordon, and Dr. Baber wrap up REU 2021
Dr. Baber, Clayton, Jordon, Lyssa, Eric, and Hasan reunite in the Summer of 2021
Fall 2020 group photo: Lyssa, Dr. Baber, Jordon, Clayton, Jessie, Rob, Eric, and Amazin
Baber Lab Members at AVS 66 in Columbus, OH, October 2019: Hasan, Jordon, Dr. Baber, Maxwell, Eric

REU Summer 2019: Eric, Jordon, Hasan, Dr. Baber

Congratulations JMU’19 Grads! Baber Lab members: Max, Daniel, Dr. Baber, Maria, & alum, Jeremy ’18

S19 Baber Group: Dr. Baber, Hasan, Lyssa, Eric, Emily, Maria, Max, Clayton, and Daniel

S19: Daniel made a new sign for our lab door!

F18 Baber Group: Eric, Maria, Max, Hasan, Jordon, Dr. Baber, Daniel

REU Summer 2018: End of the summer celebration (Dr. Baber, Eric, Maria, Max)

REU Summer 2018: Baber Group visits Virginia Tech’s Surface Analysis Laboratory (Max, Maria, Eric)

REU Summer 2018: Eric uses a glove box

2018 Graduation: Baber Group Members + Alums: Jeremy, Dylan, Nick, Vivian, Wil, Dr. Baber, David

Baber Group Spring 2018: Eric, Vivian, Daniel, Dr. Baber, Jordon, Jeremy, Hasan, Maria, Max

Summer 2017 ACS DC: Max, Dr. Baber, David, Jeremy

REU Summer 2017: Jeremy, Max, Dr. Baber

Spring 2017: JMU represents at the ACS in San Francisco

REU Summer 2016: Jeremy works on the chamber

Baber Group Fall 2016: Jeremy, Dr. Baber, Wil, Max, David, Vivian, Dylan, Daniel, Nick

REU, Summer 2015: Cam and David

Baber Group, Spring 2015: Daniel, Dr. Baber, David, Dylan, Cam, Vivian, Wil

Spring 2015: Jeremy, Dr. Baber, Eli (Dr. Reisner’s group) and Nick having fun at NanoDays