Group Photos

S’19: Daniel made a new sign for our lab door!

F18 Baber Group: Eric, Maria, Max, Hasan, Jordon, Dr. Baber, Daniel


REU Summer 2018: End of the summer celebration (Dr. Baber, Eric, Maria, Max)


REU Summer 2018: Baber Group visits Virginia Tech’s Surface Analysis Laboratory (Max, Maria, Eric)


REU Summer 2018: Eric uses a glove box

2018 Graduation: Baber Group Members + Alums: Jeremy, Dylan, Nick, Vivian, Wil, Dr. Baber, David


Baber Group Spring 2018: Eric, Vivian, Daniel, Dr. Baber, Jordon, Jeremy, Hasan, Maria, Max


Summer 2017 ACS DC: Max, Dr. Baber, David, Jeremy


REU Summer 2017: Jeremy, Max, Dr. Baber


Spring 2017: JMU represents at the ACS in San Francisco


REU Summer 2016: Jeremy works on the chamber


Baber Group Fall 2016: Jeremy, Dr. Baber, Wil, Max, David, Vivian, Dylan, Daniel, Nick


REU, Summer 2015: Cam and David


Baber Group, Spring 2015: Daniel, Dr. Baber, David, Dylan, Cam, Vivian, Wil


Spring 2015: Jeremy, Dr. Baber, Eli (Dr. Reisner’s group) and Nick having fun at NanoDays